Tom’s Talking Show Tells it Like it IS

I walked through the poor neighborhood by Ghirish Park around 7:30 am today. Santanu told me it would be a good place to get lost in. “No one will bother you,” he said. And he was right, no one did. They were busy with their own lives: washing themselves, washing the dishes, ironing shirts, selling woven trays, slicing and selling fish, Making necklaces out of flowers… slaughtering goats.

A group of boys gathered around a paper mache Ganesha, painted pink with gold-trimmed jewelry. They just poked at it. The older boys tried to shoo the younger ones away but they wanted to have their pictures taken by me. No shyness in these new ones. They are all beautiful, many are charming.

I was drenched with sweat by the time I was done, but gratified that I now had images I cared about, around 188 of them. I’ll try it again tomorrow, I think. Ramadan has started, with fasting for Muslems.

Did I mention the snakes? Two young men came up with baskets, they lifted the lids,  SNAKES. I screamed, they laughed, then they ran away. Were they cobras? I don’t know, but everyone else just went about their business as if I wasn’t there, which is good for me.

Watching my food and water, my body is adjusting to the time zones. Monsoons daily for about 30 minutes, then nothing. The sun came out today for the first time! Very bright, very very bright.


About psullivan66

Patricia Sullivan is a New York City based photographer whose portraits and personal projects have appeared in New York Magazine, on HBO's "Bored to Death," TimeOutNY and other magazines. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Sullivan is drawn to the people "with broad shoulders" whose belief in just working hard and doing the right thing are keeping this whole planet together. Besides rodeo, she has photographed cops on motorcycles (in their off hours) and her mother, "the toughest woman I know."
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1 Response to Tom’s Talking Show Tells it Like it IS

  1. bpatchett says:

    “No one will bother you.” “Everyone else just went about their business as if I wasn’t there.” Sounds like heaven! I’d sacrifice a goat to that.

    I loved the India portion of the Talking Show.

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