Good books inspire….

I’ve just finished reading “Flannery O’Connor’s Complete Short Stories.” If I could shoot portraits equal to her prose I’d consider myself a genius. The details in the dialogue transport me back to the south of the 50’s. I can feel the perspiration and smell the mildew. After reading the book I’m inspired to take more photos of my mother and include her friends and more of the objects she comes into contact with daily. It should make the work richer.
Religion plays a big part in O”Connor’s writing, as does anti-religious sentiment. While my Mom wasn’t religious, she though about cost and waste constantly…. and, ultimately, “What is the right thing to do?” She was a saver and appreciated the smallest of things. I need to find ways of fitting that into the work.


About psullivan66

Patricia Sullivan is a New York City based photographer whose portraits and personal projects have appeared in New York Magazine, on HBO's "Bored to Death," TimeOutNY and other magazines. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Sullivan is drawn to the people "with broad shoulders" whose belief in just working hard and doing the right thing are keeping this whole planet together. Besides rodeo, she has photographed cops on motorcycles (in their off hours) and her mother, "the toughest woman I know."
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